Tenvir -EM (Tenofovir/Emtricitabine) Treatment of HIV Medication


Tenvir -EM (Tenofovir/Emtricitabine) are antiviral drugs that work by preventing HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) cells from multiplying in the body.

Tavin-EM (Tenofovir/Emtricitabine) is a combination medicine used to treat HIV, the virus that can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This medicine is not a cure for HIV or AIDS, but it can be used to treat HIV in adults and children who are at least 12 years old and weigh at least 17 kilograms (37 pounds).

Mechanism of action:


Tenofovir inhibits the activity of HIV reverse transcriptase by competing with the natural substrate deoxyadenosine 5’-triphosphate and, after incorporation into DNA, by DNA chain termination. Specifically, the drugs are analogues of the naturally occurring deoxynucleotides needed to synthesize the viral DNA and they compete with the natural deoxynucleotides for incorporation into the growing viral DNA chain.


Tenvir(Tenofovir and Lamivudine) | Tenofovir disoproxil Fumerate Tablets



It is used to treat HIV infection. It is used along with other medicines for HIV. Tenofovir and Lamivudine is a combination of 2 HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. It works by stopping the HIV virus from multiplying.

Tenofovir and Lamivudine is a combination of 2 HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. It works as treatment for HIV-Viread, Tenvir.

Hepcinat LP (Ledipasvir 90 mg and sofosbuvir 400 mg) -MHP

hepcinat-lp Tablets

Treating chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in certain patients.

Hepcinat LP (Ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) is a combination of 2 hepatitis C virus (HCV) antiviral agents. It reduces the amount of HCV in the body by preventing the spread of the HCV within the body.

Treating Chronic Hepatitis C virus.


My Hep All( Velpatasvir 100mg & Sofosbuvir 400mg )Tablets Hepatitis C drugs


Sofosbuvir With Velpatasvir is a two-drug combination for the treatment of hepatitis C. It is administered as a single daily pill containing the viral NS5A inhibitor velpatasvir and sofosbuvir, a nucleotide inhibitor of the viral RNA polymerase. It is the first treatment, that works for all genotypic, and is taken entirely by mouth. A single tablet regimen is used for adults with genotype 1-6 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

Breast Cancer awareness in Womens -MHP

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Treatment and symptoms for breast cancer in women. Use Arimidex, Armotraz, Anastronat and Anabrez to cure breast cancer in women.

Treat breast cancer in women who have gone through “the change of life” (menopause). Arimidex (Anastrozole) Tablets works by lowering estrogen hormone levels to help shrink tumors and slow their growth.


Tenvir – Tenofovir disoproxil Fumarate Tablets IP 300 mg -HIV AIDS Drugs | Cure | Medication


Tenvir from non-nucleoside antiviral Tylenol direct action and nucleotide angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor reverse rna, and hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase. The drug was approved for use with other antiretroviral drugs in combination with HIV / AIDS-1. It can also be used to prevent chronic hepatitis B in it.

The recommended dosage is taken daily or on an empty stomach. The creatinine clearance rate in the patient 30-49 ml / min range between Tylenol may increase. The standard dose of liver function in damaged patients. Dandenin and Tylenol can also use the degree of concentration, and the experience of the body has also increased. This in turn leads to hypoglycemia (186%), loss of water (37%) of polylactic acid and pancreatitis.